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For Home

For Home

Kaspersky Lab’s products for home and home office are specifically designed to provide hassle-free and quality protection.

For Small Office

For Small Office

Looks after your security so you can look after your business. Kaspersky Small Office Security is a solution created with your small office in mind.

For Business


At every layer of your enterprise, Kaspersky puts you in control by delivering superior, intelligent protection against emerging and increasingly sophisticated threats, backed by relentless anti-malware expertise.

Buy or Renew

Buy or Renew

You can purchase or renew Kaspersky Lab products easily and conveniently via our online store.


Kaspersky Password Managerprotects you when social networking, banking or shopping online. It creates and saves strong passwords, automatically inserting them into logins and apps for you, securing your data and your digital life.

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See how you can protect the PCs and file server on your network from the latest malware and cybercrime threats with Kaspersky Small Office Security.

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